Over 90% of our clients are with us by way of referrals from satisfied Beyond Life clients. This vote of trust is the highest compliment for our services. We keep this as a humble reminder of our responsibility towards every client's financial goals.

Both Mihir and I would like to thank you and the entire Beyond Life team for the super service that you have provided us. It’s always a pleasure to work with a team who is methodical, timely and professional in their approach. The time and effort you and your team have recently spent on our file is also greatly appreciated.

We wish you and your team the very best for the future and many more successful years ahead.

- Aimi & Mihir -

I have more than a decade-long relationship with Beyond Life. This relationship is based on trust and mutual interest. It has been a wonderful journey where Ravi and his team have systematically helped us with our investments. They were with us even during challenging times of the pandemic and the volatile movement of the markets. Their sound and logical advice has benefited us in the long run. Very important is also the response time and positive attitude of the operations team. It’s a pleasure working with Beyond Life.

- Akeel Master -

Beyond Life led by Mr. Ravi Jethani is a very professional organisation, with deep knowledge of the markets and the overall investment eco-system prevailing in India. I have been associated with this institution for over 17 years and have benefitted immensely from this partnership. The unique feature of this institution is that Ravi is a very hands-on leader, always a call away and is invested professionally and emotionally in the financial growth of his clients.

- Arka Mookerjee -

I’ve known Beyond Life and working with Hiren Vora from their team since 2016. Through these years I have found them to provide the right guidance and advice in terms of my investments that have helped me go a long way in meeting my personal goals through effective planning of my financial goals. Highly trustworthy, they have been very prompt in service and ensure that the customer has first priority at all times. I am indeed grateful to them and would highly recommend their services to anyone who needs to get their financial portfolio to grow and meet their current and future goals with peace of mind

- Carina Claudia Fernandes -

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to the entire Beyond Life team on charting out my financial plan. It’s been an eye-opener of sorts, and I am determined to implement the plan presented to me recently. Moreover, in the course of our interaction, I found you guys to be extremely professional, diligent and well-informed on various facets of financial planning. Rest be assured, I would definitely be recommending your name to anyone in need of personal finance assistance. My best wishes to your entire team and hope to have a fruitful and robust relationship for years to come.

- Dr. Dilip Bedekar & Family -

I have been dealing with Ravi Jethani (Beyond Life) since 2005, and I am compelled to put on record, the absolutely wonderful experience I have had. He has helped in covering my son Cyrus Broacha through an amazing plan, which gave me superlatives returns, as well as cover. He also helped in planning for education of my grandchildren. I would like to say that the service offered by Beyond Life is absolutely outstanding, their response time is unbelievable and their staff is very helpful. They not only took care of my previous policies but also made sure that they are audited every year. Ravi, is very professional in his approach and is honest and straightforward. He is extremely conscious of customer service and never compromises the interest of his customers. I recommend his services to one and all and wish him all the very best.

- Farrokh Broacha -

I thank God that I met you last year, and today I feel a bit secure for the future and old age. If we had not met, I would never have got myself insured, and this was because you know your products and with your unique ability, simple explanation, power, you put confidence in the opposite person to make him do the right thing by what you suggest. Ravi, your ever smiling face, respect for the opposite individual, constant follow-up, puts you way above the others, and I will always look up to you as a close friend. I wish you all the very best in life always.

- Faredoon Kuka -

I just wish to express my gratitude to you and your team for presenting the financial plan the other day. I never imagined that certain suggestions discussed would have a profound effect on my financial life. I was extremely impressed on the various facets of financial planning you took me through, and the reasoning behind every action.

I have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone interested in planning for a stress free and fruitful retirement life.

Thanks again for a secure future.

- Gaurav Sapre -

It’s been a pleasure having you as a trusted advisor on various financial savings/ investment matters over the last few years. Your personalized and unbiased approach has been quite refreshing and has significantly helped me being able to methodically evaluate my financial goals/requirements and address them suitably. It has also forced me to think long-term, which is quite critical.

The response time of your team in various logistical matters has been phenomenal. The staff also appears very knowledgeable and extremely competent.

Trust we continue this relationship for a long time.

- Jaideep Iyer -

From the very first consultation with you, we were impressed by the professionalism and genuine interest you showed in understanding our financial aspirations and needs. Your personalized approach and attention to detail set the tone for what turned out to be a remarkable partnership. Your team is always available to answer our questions, address our concerns, and offer advice when needed. We are incredibly incredibly grateful for the financial service advice provided by you and the Beyond Life Services team.

- Kanchan Shine -

In the past few months, I have had the opportunity to interact with Shailendra Rawat from your office on several occasions. Shailendra has been most helpful and polite in replying to my queries. He has always replied with information promptly. Such loyalty and commitment are becoming rare traits in today’s work environment. I take this opportunity to thank him and wish him success in whatever he sets out to achieve in life I am sure he is supported by equally polite and prompt staff members of Beyond Life. But I haven’t had the opportunity to interact with other staff members as yet. . Thank you, Beyond Life! Keep up the good work!

- Ketan M. Mehta -

I have been investing in SIPs and PMS with Beyond Life since Feb 2018. I have been interacting with Ravi for my investments. My experience has been very good so far and I plan to continue in the future. Before starting, they made a plan as to what I should realistically expect and benefits of investing long term to achieve my goals. I found their advice very useful during Covid when there was a panic in the market and that advice seems to have helped post Covid. Ravi is open to suggestions and understands liquidity positions which can come up sometimes. I am also investing for my wife and son with Beyond Life and would definitely recommend them. Ravi treats my investment as if it were his own which makes me feel secure and stress free.

- Mansur Khan -

Beyond Life is one of the best financial services providers I have worked with. They are extremely conscious of risk reward and helped me achieve my financial goals in the smoothest possible manner. They are extremely discerning and rigorous in the research and reject more ideas than they suggest. Their simplicity of doing things which is always backed by great data is what sets me at peace. Spending time on educating us is another great quality they have. This helps us to have clarity and not knee-jerk reactions during volatile times. Their back end team is very responsive and helpful at all times. They go out of their way to help on matters which are not even related to them. That is amazing ! I highly recommend the services of Beyond Life. In particular, it has been a pleasure working with Ravi over the last 8 years. He has always been extremely upfront and honest with us and has always guided us in the right direction without any vested interest.

- Pankaj Mehra -

I’ve been a customer of Beyond Life for more than a year now and the experience has been great! I find the service and engagement from the firm’s side to be proactive and meticulous. It’s been a pleasure working with my investment advisor Mr. Nekzan Daruwala. He is prompt in his responses and is able to address almost all my queries in an effective manner.

- Roney Kurian -

I started saving in a planned way, a bit late in life, but was fortunate enough to be introduced to Beyond Life and Nekzan Daruwala. My corpus has been built up over the past two years to a level which I would not have otherwise imagined if I were to do it individually. Their constant engagement and guidance on how to improve the yield are also a pointer on their intent to help in growing one’s net worth. Would like to thank Team Beyond Life for all the guidance.

- Sourav Dasgupta -