We are an AMFI registered mutual funds distributor that keeps your financial goals at the heart of everything we do. Over the last 20 years since establishment, we've built a bond of trust and partnership with 2000+ client families, by offering customised solutions that are best suited to their lives and financial ambitions.

Simple, but not simplistic

We work with simple products, and put in extensive groundwork to assess if they are suited for the financial future you wish to build. Tracking fund metrics, understanding investment approach of fund managers, evaluating the strength of their research team – it’s a meticulous process that works effectively towards steadily achieving your goals.

The wisdom to say 'no'

When you are on your financial path, it becomes important to distance yourself from anything that does not serve your goals. Be it new financial trends cropping up, or lifestyle-driven expenses - you can rely on us to view all options objectively and help you make decisions that are best suited to your financial future.

Honoured by referrals

Over 90% of our clients are with us by way of referrals from satisfied Beyond Life clients. This vote of trust is the highest compliment for our services. We keep this as a humble reminder of our responsibility towards every client's financial goals.

Your child's education, a comfortable retired life,
an emergency healthcare fund, building long-term wealth - At Beyond Life, we're invested in curating that bespoke tomorrow you dream of.

The Beyond Life Journey


  • Established in 2003 by Ravi Jethani
  • Started as a Life Insurance advisory company
  • Used a goal-based approach
  • Focused on retirement and child's education plans

Higher Vision

  • Recognised the evolving needs of clients
  • Entire team returned to the classroom to earn the CFPCM certification (Certified Financial Planners)
  • Observed the long-term wealth creation potential of mutual funds
  • Expanded into mutual funds and more, to meet client's goals (AMFI registration) (ARN-97835)

Forte Today

  • A 45-member strong team
  • CFPCM Certified Experts
  • A comprehensive financial product range
  • Customisation to suit client's goals
  • Trusted by 2000+ families
  • 90% of clientele through customer referrals

Our Values

is key

We listen to our clients and understand their goals thoroughly before we get to work. Curating the right mix of financial products suitable to their individual needs comes naturally to us.

Not all
popular trends
are suitable

It's crucial to say No to anything that's not the best fit for the goal. We're distanced from ‘market timing', ‘profit booking', and short-lived fads that pose a risk to our client's financial progress.

Simplicity trumps

We handpick simple solutions and ensure our clients too can understand where they are invested, and why it's appropriate for them. Instead of complex products and fads, a simple approach and steady financial path have always worked best in building a good financial future.

needs discipline

We help our clients understand the benefit of giving an investment adequate time to reach its potential, rather than putting it on an impatient deadline. The path to achieving financial goals needs patience, consistency, and rigour.

Our Leadership

Ravi Jethani

Founder & CEO

Ravi has 20 years of experience in the financial and wealth management space, which he converts into wisdom and mentorship at Beyond Life. He is always happy to share his valuable insights with both, the team and clients.

Ravi is a Registered Financial Consultant with the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC), and also holds the CFPCM certification. He is instrumental in introducing a multi-disciplinary approach to financial planning at Beyond Life.

When taking a break, Ravi likes to practise his poker skills at tournaments, or listen to some of his favourite musicians like Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, and U2. He is also very passionate about art. His collection includes artists like Ramkumar, Souza, Laxma Goud, Rana, Viraj Naik, Prabhakar Kolte and some old sculptures from the Indian dynasties.

Nikhil Anandikar


Nikhil brought strategic marketing and management insights for notable companies like Castrol, Tata-AIG, Birla Sun Life and Grindwell Norton across 18 years. In 2015, he took the plunge into entrepreneurship and partnered Ravi at Beyond Life. He specialises in customer insights and strategy, brand marketing, channel strategy, product management and people management.

Mechanical engineer-turned-MBA (Marketing), Nikhil honed his expertise in brand, customer management, clear articulation and team management skills over decades. He brings a well-rounded approach to growing the Beyond Life business portfolio.

Nikhil is an avid runner with half marathons under his belt. He likes to be in the company of non-fiction or Indian history books, or his favourite bands like Led Zeppelin, Dave Mathews Band, and Credence Clearwater Revival.