As a distributor isn't there a conflict of interest since you earn a brokerage?

In fact, we believe this is a transparent method since the client knows how the distributor is being compensated for the incidental advice offered by the distributor. In the spirit of full transparency, we will be happy to share with you our brokerage rates in the introductory meeting. The brokerage revenue enables us to employ competent staff, invest in technology tools and deliver great service to our clients. We do not charge any other fees.
  • Over 95% of our clients have given us the opportunity to work with them through referrals
  • We seek to work with clients for the long term and hence apart from sending monthly updates we also do a six-monthly review with our clients
  • Our experienced and diverse team helps each one member of the team to continuously update and serve clients better
  • Use of latest technology tools like Salesforce
  • A data analyst team to support the relationship managers

A strong operations team with the latest technology tool to provide exceptional customer service.

Our unique advantage lies in being able to evaluate and suggest the right funds for our clients from the vast universe of funds. As of March 2021, there are 1729 mutual fund schemes available. Which of these is right for you ? At Beyond Life we have a robust and well documented process to select the right funds for our clients. Some of the things we look at are:

  • How old is the fund? A longer history is preferable as we can evaluate the fund’s performance on multiple time periods
  • How long has the fund manager been managing the fund? have there been too many changes in fund managers?
  • What is the fund manager’s background?
  • How strong and experienced is the research analysts team that supports the fund manager? How do the research analyst’s contribute in stock selection?
  • Is there a documented fund management process with the AMC? We avoid funds which rely only on the fund manager’s ability as we perceive that as a risk
  • During our reviews with the fund manager do we feel comfortable with the amount of risk being taken by the fund?
  • Past returns performance (Point to point and SIP XIRR) and other parameters like Standard Deviation, Up-Down Capture Ratios, market cap allocations, etc.

We pay a lot more attention to qualitative parameters as that will influence the future performance of the fund more than evaluating only past returns. The diverse backgrounds of our teams members and their different perspectives make the assessment process and output far richer than a purely numbers based one.

We don’t suggest clients to invest in NFOs (New Fund Offerings) as we believe that if there are existing funds with a track record one should choose those over an untested fund.

  • Premium payment reminders for all your insurance policies
  • Services like loans on policies, updating contact details, policy charts, premium payment calendars, maturity claims, death claims processing for all your policies
  • An annual audit for all your insurance policies to ensure contact details and nominee details are up to date to ensure hassle free claims processing
  • Setting up mutual fund investments like SIPs if you choose to work through us
  • Monthly tabulations of different reports for all your investments – only provided as on request
  • Mutual fund servicing like change in contact details, nominees and KYC updation
  • Assistance with public provident fund account opening
  • Assistance with purchasing bonds and investments in government securities.